September 25-26, 1999 - Food, fun, friends, and best of all, a weekend without call...Off to Auburn Hills, Michigan our wide-eyed group of interns journeyed,  seeking the peace that truly is "beeper-less."

Too many red balloons you say?  Sometimes only one too many during one exercise in teamwork.  Interlocking hands, trying to keep an assortment of balloons afloat, two teams of interns, chiefs, and staff fought gallantly to stay alive.  Drop a balloon, and your team loses. 

This was one of many activities geared towards teaching unity and cooperation, two qualities adored in pediatric care.  Amidst the laughs and cries (of defeat), this year's class of interns found a common bond in their diversity.

Of course for all interns with the stresses of the hospital left behind, paying off a sleep debt was imperative.  Even sessions on massage therapy and relaxation techniques (e.g. yoga) couldn't keep everybody awake (right, Dr. McGeorge?) as some of us snuck away for a little Lion's football and an afternoon nap.

The interlude of the two-day affair became an evening of boogeying with Sal (one-half of next year's chiefs) at Have a Nice Day Cafe in New Pontiac.  70's and 80's music helped us regress back to yester-year and pretend that residency was still 15 years away...but alas, our daydreaming was futile, as we all knew that 3 asthmatics, 4 sicklers, and 7 pneumonias would greet us on Monday at 3:00am preventing our beautiful slumber.

Get ready interns of 2000.  With twice the calories and twice the fun, a new and improved retreat awaits you...

Oh yeah, I forgot one thing.  Please Sal, I beg of you. With the power you wield as next year's chief, veto all legislation towards the passage of the teamwork exercise colorfully referred to as "The Roman Chair." (see first picture) Thanx.