A resident favorite, Radiology Noon Conferences are held every Friday by Dr. Slovis and the radiology staff at Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Beginning with the basics of pediatric imaging, Dr. Slovis and staff provide a systematic approach to reading pediatric radiographs.  Pediatric residents learn how to interpret imaging studies of the chest, abdomen, GI tract, skeleton, urinary tract, as well as imaging of the central nervous system. 

Inviting to some but anxiety-provoking to others, the conferences are always interactive, as pediatric house staff are "hand-picked" to read each imaging study.    

Dr. Slovis' book "Pediatric Radiology" is a useful study guide for residents on offsite rotations or those working in the intensive care units.  The structured lessons and images provided in this hard cover are analogous to those presented in the Radiology Noon Conferences.